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Jane has been active in community service and programs to assist women and children since her early 20s.

Soon after graduating from law school, Jane served on a statewide task force on domestic violence and was the co-author of Utah’s first spouse abuse protective order legislation.  Throughout her professional career, she has been an active participant in programs that encourage women to pursue professional degrees and employment.   In the 1980s, Jane was very active in the Ogden Chamber of Commerce, mentoring other business women, speaking at many professional conferences, and serving as the Chairperson of the chamber’s Women in Management Committee.   Throughout her legal career, she has been a mentor to many younger women attorneys. 

As a philanthropist, there is no greater cause for Jane than equality. She worked for social change and justice through her many charitable donations and involvement with organizations like Ogden OUTreach, a drop-in center for at-risk LGBTQ youth, the Utah Pride Center and Equality Utah.  Jane has been a significant supporter of Equality Utah since it was founded (as Unity Utah) in 2001, including serving on the Board of Directors, Board Chair, and the Advisory Council. Jane has also served as a member of the governing board of the Utah Community Foundation’s LGBT Community Endowment Fund since 2012. Between 1999 and 2007, Jane was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Rainbow Endowment Fund a national philanthropic board that funded LGBTQ causes with monies earned by the Rainbow Visa Card.   In 2015, Jane and Tami founded the “Peace & Possibility Speaker Series” through Weber State’s LGBTQ Resource Center.  

In the early 1990’s, Jane founded the Phoenix Achievement Scholarship at Weber State, an endowment that provides scholarships to non-traditional (25 years or older) full-time students who participate in the Women & Gender Studies Program at the University.  Since the scholarship was founded, more than 40 students have received financial assistance with their education.  

Committed to equal access, Jane has been a long-time advocate for underserved parts of the community who do not have adequate access to the legal system. During her tenure at Utah Legal Services, Jane worked to serve groups of disadvantaged people with special legal needs including children, Native Americans, and senior citizens.   Jane and Tami have long been significant supporters of Utah’s And Justice for All program, which provides civil legal services to persons with very little income.

An active Utah Democrat, Jane ran for the State Legislature in 1980, served as Chairperson, Weber County Democratic Convention, and Chairperson, Oversight Committee of Utah “No on 3” Campaign. She was a candidate for State Democratic Party Vice Chair in 2012, Co-chair, Utah State Democratic Party Platform Committee, Chair Circle Member, Utah State Democratic Campaign Committee, and advises on many Democratic campaigns.  Jane has also served on the board and as Chairperson of the Eccles Community Arts Center.

Jane Marquardt’s philanthropic endeavors center on themes of peace, love, and equality.  The specific notion of equality extends beyond just fair treatment under the law and into the realm of equal access to opportunities for all people to achieve their full potential. These themes manifest in Jane and her partner Tami’s involvement in organizations that champion social justice and equality, empowering women and children with new opportunities, and guaranteeing access to legal resources for individuals who would otherwise struggle to find an advocate within the system. These are demographics which have traditionally been undervalued, and under-supported (if not overtly oppressed) in certain sectors of society. To break deeply entrenched cycles like those of violence, disenfranchisement, or poverty, serious action is required. Jane is passionate about identifying key players who are tackling such issues head-on and supporting their work to the greatest possible extent. Fortunately, there are many organizations which are committed to redressing injustice in all its forms in the modern world.

Jane Marquardt’s philanthropic work celebrates the intrinsic value of people, regardless of orientation, gender, or circumstance. Geographically, Jane’s philanthropic efforts reflect her deep and personal investment in the state of Utah.  A few of the major organizations which Jane supports include the following:

Equality Utah

Equality Utah labors to create an environment in which every citizen of the state feels sufficiently valued and supported as an individual, no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity. The organization remains steadfastly committed to the ideal that everyone is worthy of the same respect, understanding, basic freedoms, and opportunities. Simply put – they fight for a fair and just Utah. Founded in 2001 by visionary leaders from the Utah lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community as Unity Utah, the group’s first goal was to grow the number of justice-minded elected officials in office. Such a shift would be a pivotal first step in seeing better legislation. Through working to achieve equal rights and protections for Utahns under the law, Unity Utah evolved into the Equality Utah Political Action Committee in 2004. More than ten years later, Equality Utah PAC is still working to endorse and support candidates who respect gay and transgender communities. This is completed in conjunction with efforts put forth by two other groups, Equality Utah and the Equality Utah Foundation. Equality Utah drafts legislation and coordinates lobbying efforts. Equality Utah Foundation designs educational programs to guide people into political advocacy. All three of these organizations share a single mission and vision to improve Utah on behalf of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Human Rights Campaign

Initially, Human Rights Campaign (HRC) began in 1980 as the Human Rights Campaign Fund, which supported pro-fairness congressional candidates. In 1995, the organization underwent significant rebranding to reflect the transformation of their participation in advocacy into so much more than just a fund. Today, HRC is the single largest civil rights organization tackling the problems that face lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities in the United States. HRC has amassed more than one million members and supporters nationwide. Over the years, HRC’s strategies to create change on behalf of LGBT Americans have included mobilizing grassroots movements in a wide variety of communities, investing intelligently to elect fair-minded men and women to political office, and educating the general public about issues which LGBT citizens face everyday.

The LGBTQ Endowment Fund of The Community Foundation of Utah

The Community Foundation of Utah is a not-for-profit organization that leverages Utah’s entrepreneurial spirit to everyone’s benefit via smart philanthropy. They emphasize supporting causes which are specifically impacting communities in Utah. They seek to be a visionary, inclusive, and sustainable catalyst for positive change in the state. This includes a wide variety of options in terms of causes to which anyone can donate. They have created a portfolio of diverse and flexible charities that address a varied number of common causes. However, progress demands smart, talented people. So, the Community Foundation of Utah works hard to increase engagement and share expertise, and not just financial contributions. The Community Foundation of Utah upholds an ideal which states that all of us can play a pivotal role in improving the community. They do what they can to facilitate community involvement in any way possible.

Jane and Tami Marquardt’s Peace & Possibility Project

Jane and Tami are lifelong advocates for philanthropy, especially as pertains to peace, love, and the creation of new avenues to success for communities in need of opportunity. Among the groups which most often earn their support are the LGBT community, women, and children. Each partner bring their own unique perspective and set of resources to the table. Jane Marquardt is a highly experienced attorney and business leader. Her spouse, Tami, works as a counselor and has served as both a school psychologist and English teacher in the past. Together, they combine their efforts to work for a future where every individual, regardless of background, can find a warm and welcoming environment in which to define and express their most authentic self. This means celebrating diversity and valuing everyone, no matter what their gender, orientation, or circumstance might be.

The majority of their work revolves around lifting up people living and working in the great state of Utah.

Plan-B Theatre

Since 1991, Plan-B has developed and produced unique and socially conscious theatre created by Utah playwrights. This year is no different, Plan-B 2019-2020 Season has been announced (see below), and theatre-goers have a good season ahead. Plan-B has produced nearly 100 world premieres, including Utah’s first by an African American playwright and first by an Asian American playwright. Nationally, five of these plays have been nominated for the American Theatre Critics Association/Steinberg Award for Best New American Play Produced Outside New York, four have enjoyed extended lives in New York and two have been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Fifty percent of their work since 2010 has been by female playwrights.

Jane and Tami became directly involved with Plan-B during the 2001 production of The Laramie Project. “An extraordinary feat of theatrical journalism,” the play highlighted the social issues, events, and pressures surrounding and leading up to the 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard in Wyoming. Tami is a long time member of Plan-B’s Board of Trustees. For further information, or to donate to Plan-B, please visit


United Way of Salt Lake

The United Way is a nonprofit organization what has more than one thousand locations throughout the nation, operating as a coalition of charitable groups. United Way identifies and works to resolve community challenges and make a meaningful impact by partnering with schools, government offices, private enterprises, financial institutions, the faith community, and any other community stakeholders. Issues vary on a national scale, because each location caters their services to the specific needs of their region. However, generally, main areas of focus tend to include education, income, and health. The United Way of Salt Lake has operated in the greater Salt Lake area for more than 110 years. Its initial mission was to aid the poor and address panhandling concerns. Since then, it has developed into an influencer of social change, emphasizing partnerships and working together to find innovative ways to sustainably solve social problems. Today, United Way of Salt Lake works to improve Davis, Salt Lake, Summit, and Tooele counties. This area is home to 1.4 million people, more than half of the state’s population.

Utah Democratic Party

As a proud and eager participant in the democratic process, Jane Marquardt has been a highly active Democrat, serving in numerous leadership roles and advising a number of Democratic campaigns. The Utah Democratic Party strives to fund, advise, and support Democratic candidates for office in the state. The Democratic Party has deep roots in Utah, which stretch back to the last 1800s. Generally, the party is welcoming and more receptive to social progress, including when it comes to many LGBT issues. There are currently a number of elected Democratic representatives serving in a variety of public capacities, including the Salt Lake County Mayor.

Utah Pride Center

The Utah Pride Center envisions a LGBTQ community that can comfortably live openly, with dignity, acceptance, and equality. Utah Pride helps the LGBTQ community by encouraging strength and self-determination therein. They are devoted to developing top-tier programs in service, education, and advocacy. Originally called the Utah Stonewall Center, the organization started in 1992 as a safe space for the LGBTQ community to congregate, given what was at the time an intensely conservative cultural climate. Despite severe financial difficulties at time, the center attracted many volunteers and, after it was briefly closed in 1996, eventually opened again as the Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Utah, complete with an expanded number of volunteers, services, and even paid staff. In 2006, they changed their name to the Utah Pride Center, to be more inclusive of all people who are impacted and moved by LGBTQ issues.


Utah, the third fastest-growing state in the nation, is highly diverse with approximately 16% of its population being of Latinx descent as well as significant numbers of Native American, African American, Asian and Pacific Islander citizens. Salt Lake City, on a per capita basis, ranks 2ndin the country for LGBTQ population. But Utah has a voting problem!

In 1980, Utah ranked 5th nationally in voter turnout. By 2016, the state had sunk to 39th.The state’s largest demographic, millennials, have the worst voting record. In the 2014 mid-term election, only 8.1% of Utah’s 18-29 year-olds voted, 60% below the national average. In 2016, 288,000 eligible women, almost 30% of the state’s total, were not registered to vote.

In the 2018 mid-term election, VOTERISE registered over 13,000 Utahns, accounting for almost 30% of the state’s new registrant total. This was accomplished at about half the national industry cost-per- registrant. In 2016, 75% of our registrants did vote and preliminary results for 2018 indicate that 74% of VOTERISE registrants voted this past November, an exceptionally high number for a mid-term election.

Weber State University

Weber State’s LGBT Resource Center aims to cultivate a welcome and safe environment for the LGBT community, as well as allies, families, and friends. As a main component of their mission statement, Weber State’s LGBT Resource Center increases access to knowledge and support. This involves offering opportunities to nurture academic, personal, and professional development within the LGBT community through workshops, trainings, social activities, and celebrations. These events have included facilitating participation in PRIDE Parade, National Coming Out Day, National Day of Silence/Night of Noise, Ally Programs, Matthew Shepard Remembrance, Safe Zone Training.

Management & Training Corporation Drives Sustainable Economic and Social Development

Community improvement depends on more than just the public and nonprofit sectors’ investment. This philosophy drives Management & Training Corporation’s (MTC) involvement in Corrections, which is defined by rehabilitation through education. MTC offers a diverse assortment of educational, vocational, substance abuse, cognitive behavioral, faith-based, and life-skills programs, all of which are geared to empower these individuals to re-enter society confidently with positive skills to contribute to the workforce and to the community at large. In a single year, MTC awards nearly 30,000 certificates. Beyond students, offenders and staff all volunteer more than 600,000 hours of community service and raise around a quarter of a million dollars to support local charities.

MTC closely monitors key performance metrics to gage it success. These include measuring how many students graduate with diplomas, earn industry-recognized certification, and find full-time employment. Through providing hundred of thousands of young adults the opportunity to attain high-quality education and career training, these individuals become better prepared to support themselves, support their families, and proudly become contributing, tax-paying members of society. This training is accomplished via the U.S. Department of labor’s Job Corps program, operating their 17 centers in 16 different states.

Jane Marquardt and the team at Management & Training Corporation have expanded their impact beyond just rehabilitating, training, and supporting individuals to enter the domestic workforce and expanded this model to improve communities around the world. This kind of work encourages stability because it accomplishes more than just treat the symptoms of an untenable situation – it provides people with the tools they need to make a lifelong change.

MTC seeks to create positive change in communities that span the globe by offering workplace changing in countries around the world. This international presence has created the chance to expand their positive influence beyond domestic borders, as well as work together with a number of highly effective and well-respected groups. Such efforts have included work accomplished in partnership with organizations like the United Nations, the World Bank, USAID, regional development banks, and a variety of national governments. The projects completed in conjunction with these organizations has helped people many different places develop the skills they need to build better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities.

This work is especially crucial to Jane Marquardt, given that economic instability impacts certain disadvantaged populations at a disproportionate rate. These include women, ethnic minorities, the disabled, and at-risk youths. Through a holistic approach, in which MTC delivers social skills, career, and technical training, Jane and her team are able to prepare individuals from these populations to fully participate in the modern workforce which might otherwise be quick to exclude them.

Currently, MTC operates a U.S.A.I.D. funded project in Egypt. Known as the Workforce Improvement & Skill Enhancement Project,  the project is poerating in eleven location in Egypt to improve vocational training and workforce development.

MTC has also successfully prepared and trained thousands of people to work in places in ten countries, including high-need locations like Iraq, South Sudan, Jordan, Pakistan, China, Mongolia, the West Bank, and Haiti. These individuals have participated in one of the more than one hundred vocational courses MTC has developed. These vocations include industries like healthcare, computer technology, automotive work, welding, carpentry, and more. MTC’s staff members help people from within their communities achieve their potential. This work revolves around four key categories: effective workforce development, customized workforce systems, quality workforce training, and strong public/private partnerships. By targeting their development policies and programs, MTC is empowers people to best meet labor-market demands.

Since 2004, the Economic & Social Development division, Management & Training Corporation has been devoted to improving lives on an international scale. Jane Marquardt and the rest of the MTC leadership team claim more than 200 years worth of experience. This expertise has allowed them to oversee MTC growth and today the company is proud to have seven active indefinite quantity contracts out around the world.

Ultimately, the most important thing an individual can do is take ownership of their ability to impact positive change, and capitalize on opportunities to do just that. Jane Marquardt and MTC are both devoted to creating a positive social impact, both at home and abroad.