Management & Training Corporation Drives Sustainable Economic and Social Development

Community improvement depends on more than just the public and nonprofit sectors’ investment. This philosophy drives Management & Training Corporation’s (MTC) involvement in Corrections, which is defined by rehabilitation through education. MTC offers a diverse assortment of educational, vocational, substance abuse, cognitive behavioral, faith-based, and life-skills programs, all of which are geared to empower these individuals to re-enter society confidently with positive skills to contribute to the workforce and to the community at large. In a single year, MTC awards nearly 30,000 certificates. Beyond students, offenders and staff all volunteer more than 600,000 hours of community service and raise around a quarter of a million dollars to support local charities.

MTC closely monitors key performance metrics to gage it success. These include measuring how many students graduate with diplomas, earn industry-recognized certification, and find full-time employment. Through providing hundred of thousands of young adults the opportunity to attain high-quality education and career training, these individuals become better prepared to support themselves, support their families, and proudly become contributing, tax-paying members of society. This training is accomplished via the U.S. Department of labor’s Job Corps program, operating their 17 centers in 16 different states.

Jane Marquardt and the team at Management & Training Corporation have expanded their impact beyond just rehabilitating, training, and supporting individuals to enter the domestic workforce and expanded this model to improve communities around the world. This kind of work encourages stability because it accomplishes more than just treat the symptoms of an untenable situation – it provides people with the tools they need to make a lifelong change.

MTC seeks to create positive change in communities that span the globe by offering workplace changing in countries around the world. This international presence has created the chance to expand their positive influence beyond domestic borders, as well as work together with a number of highly effective and well-respected groups. Such efforts have included work accomplished in partnership with organizations like the United Nations, the World Bank, USAID, regional development banks, and a variety of national governments. The projects completed in conjunction with these organizations has helped people many different places develop the skills they need to build better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities.

This work is especially crucial to Jane Marquardt, given that economic instability impacts certain disadvantaged populations at a disproportionate rate. These include women, ethnic minorities, the disabled, and at-risk youths. Through a holistic approach, in which MTC delivers social skills, career, and technical training, Jane and her team are able to prepare individuals from these populations to fully participate in the modern workforce which might otherwise be quick to exclude them.

Currently, MTC operates a U.S.A.I.D. funded project in Egypt. Known as the Workforce Improvement & Skill Enhancement Project,  the project is poerating in eleven location in Egypt to improve vocational training and workforce development.

MTC has also successfully prepared and trained thousands of people to work in places in ten countries, including high-need locations like Iraq, South Sudan, Jordan, Pakistan, China, Mongolia, the West Bank, and Haiti. These individuals have participated in one of the more than one hundred vocational courses MTC has developed. These vocations include industries like healthcare, computer technology, automotive work, welding, carpentry, and more. MTC’s staff members help people from within their communities achieve their potential. This work revolves around four key categories: effective workforce development, customized workforce systems, quality workforce training, and strong public/private partnerships. By targeting their development policies and programs, MTC is empowers people to best meet labor-market demands.

Since 2004, the Economic & Social Development division, Management & Training Corporation has been devoted to improving lives on an international scale. Jane Marquardt and the rest of the MTC leadership team claim more than 200 years worth of experience. This expertise has allowed them to oversee MTC growth and today the company is proud to have seven active indefinite quantity contracts out around the world.

Ultimately, the most important thing an individual can do is take ownership of their ability to impact positive change, and capitalize on opportunities to do just that. Jane Marquardt and MTC are both devoted to creating a positive social impact, both at home and abroad.